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Take Part/Make Art Pavilion


Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Size: 800 sqft

Program: Open-air pavilion

Awards: AIA Emerging Professionals Award 2016; Santa Barbara Contemporary Pavilions Exhibit

Design Team: Jared Eisenhower, Taylor Heim, Garrett Nelli


Santa Barbara has a wide range of neighborhoods with distinctive histories, architecture, and cultural institutions.  Due to this mix of demographics, the Santa Barbara community contains a unique and rich mix of people and culture. Pavilion 805 is a layering of artistic expression, the natural world, and a medium to increase contemporary arts engagement within all communities of Santa Barbara, California.



The pavilion will stand as a testimony to the possibilities of our society when we accept each other contrasts, collectively take our own unique actions, and allow for something organic and pure to unfold. This will not only activate a small footprint within the community, but it will shape a unique space for people from all backgrounds to come together.



The spatial composition of the design reinterprets the typical form of a gallery space by collaging areas of gathering, circulation, and play between the art. By separating the forms into four separate structures, the pavilion becomes secondary to the greater field of objects. The spaces between become energized with community interaction and celebrate the pavilions multi-purpose intentions.



Materials and construction methods were selected for the pavilion in order to meet the temporary, traveling nature of the challenge while not losing sight of the timely manner and budget in which it needs to be constructed. By creating modules of community engagement that introduce light, color and, of course, art the design allows the several small footprint structures to energize their surroundings. The prefabricated nature of the design provides an ease of transportation and installation, mitigating the need for construction savvy volunteers.

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