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Small Lots, Big Ideas Competition

Location: New York, NY

Size: 9,750 sqft

Program: Multi-family Affordable Housing

Design Team: Jared Eisenhower, Taylor Heim & Garrett Nelli

We believe the city should be a place where people from all walks of life can put down roots and build strong, stable, dynamic communities. Low and moderate income individuals should not have to live on the verge of displacement and to have to constantly defend their right to be part of this city.
It is time to concentrate on the potential for small scale multi-generational oriented housing as an alternative for affordable urban residence. We propose the utilization of “leftover sites” as the exact locations for these interventions. These abandoned plots should not be viewed as a scar within the urban fabric, but instead, they are voids that should be embraced, celebrated, and re-purposed for the urban family.
Family oriented housing that increases density, revitalizes neighborhoods, and provides opportunity for economic mobility will create a more inclusive and robust future for New York City.

SplitHouse Section Sketch.jpg
Overall Axon.jpg
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