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Knoxville Market Hall

University of Tennessee, Integration Studio

Location: Knoxville, TN

Size: 78,500 sqft

Program: Market Hall, Culinary School, Event Space, Park Space

Awards: AIA Middle TN Design Excellence Award

Professor: Hansjorg Goritz

Design Team: Jared Eisenhower + Garrett Nelli

Situated in the heart of downtown Knoxville, the Market Hall and Culinary School are intended to become a resource for the community to solve the current food desert and an institution within the existing urban fabric.  Our proposal pushes  past the initial boundaries of the site and creates perpendicular connections between historic areas of the downtown and manifests a solution that allows for exterior spaces of the city to blend seamlessly with the building program.

Elevation BW_edited.jpg
Market Square No Sky.jpg
Site Plan.jpg
Sectional Perspective.jpg
CatWalk Section.jpg
CatWalk Elevation.jpg
Second Floor.jpg
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